Success Story: Hanson Mold

Last August, Bob Bucholtz and Pat Moody from Mid-west Family Broadcasting approached Hanson Mold with the idea of using the platforms that they developed to broadcast our message that Hanson Mold is a company built around a set of core values where you’ll work with a team to build a great career. Since the 1970s, Hanson Mold has strived to find people that are the best fit for our apprenticeship program. Until last August, we had worked primarily with local high schools. We also knew that career paths can take many turns, and there was another group that was harder to reach. Maybe that percentage of people had started going to college not having a clear direction, or tried other careers that didn’t work out. While working in our field is not for everyone, it’s perfect for people that like to work with their hands and their mind. Working with MWFB has made a difference for us in our recruitment and we appreciate their effort to develop new strategies and make suggestions to support our message.