So, What Should My Business Do Right Now?

So, What Should My Business Do Right Now?

By: Zack East, Vice President, Engagement and Experience

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Today, we presented some data to our Mid-West Family staff that features local results from our second COVID-19 Survey, performed by our consulting partners in Detroit, Jacobs Media. The results of some of the questions weren’t incredibly surprising, but one thing did stand out for you, the business owner:

The consumer is having a hard time figuring how to do business with you.

More than half of our respondents told us that they are concerned about businesses reopening too soon. A related question further in the survey weighed the risks of doing business in certain sectors and categories, and we’ve found that most, if not all businesses are suffering from a perceived high risk among consumers.

This is simply because consumers need to have a new level of awareness for your business, now more than ever.

Even if you’ve been a consistent local marketer of your brand, a reset has occurred in the mind of the consumer. Most of what you told them in the past is now being re-written.

What is this business doing to keep me safe? Have their hours changed? I am not sure if they still sell what I’m looking for. How have they helped the community and their own employees right now?

It’s time to start a new “awareness funnel” for the consumer you hope to have step back in to your door, digitally or physically, in the future.

Make the consumer immediately aware of how to do business with you now in the “new normal of COVID-19.”

Now is not the time to avoid marketing. No, social media will not do all of the work for you just by posting a few status updates and waiting for everyone to see them. You need a strong, frequent and consistent message across a large channel such as radio or an active digital media source like Sure, you need to spend that cash to shore up other parts of your business. But avoiding marketing will not help you navigate the rest of the year successfully. It will just provide friction between you and the purchase to be made by the consumer because they have to do all the work to find out how to do business with you.

Marketing does the work of educating the consumer so they build the trust necessary to make a purchase when the time is right.

There are a lot of make-or-break moments happening right now in the COVID-19 crisis for businesses. Don’t let your business slip into the ether because of a lack of communication and trust-building. Invest in your marketing now and build for the future of a post-COVID “new normal.”

If you need help doing it, we are here for you.