Introducing the ALL ACCESS Sponsorship

Each of our radio stations has a huge digital and radio audience to reach. So we’re making it really easy for YOUR BUSINESS to be the EXCLUSIVE sponsor owning the best parts and placements of:

  • Clickable Banner ads on our station website (above-the-fold and across all devices!)
  • Clickable Banner ad on the station’s Listen Live streaming
  • A :15 second audio pre-roll ad on the station’s Listen Live streaming on ALL DEVICES (Alexa, station app, etc)
  • Clickable Banner ad on our iPhone & Android station app
  • Sponsorship of one re-aired Podcast
  • Four social media paid advertisements per year
  • Radio promos promoting your sponsorship
  • Radio commercials

Watch the video demonstration below on each of these sponsorship items in action with our Digital Media Manager, Zack East:

Contact your Mid-West Family Broadcasting representative or for details on how your business can OWN one of our audiences!