WICKED SMART WEBINAR SERIES: Seize Your Yellow Flag Moment – How To Reestablish Momentum and Lead Your Business Forward

Topics Covered:
How to address the “agenda under the table” that could kill any future momentum
Finding clarity in a crazy world and how to learn from practical examples of world-class leadership
Improve your ability to make hard and fast decisions that could make or break your business

Fred Johnson – Nationally recognized speaker and CEO and Founder of InitiativeOne
Topic: Seize Your Yellow Flag Moment – How To Reestablish Momentum and Lead Your Business Forward

About Your Speaker:
Dr. Fred Johnson is the CEO and Founder of InitiativeOne. He is a catalyst for deep transformation and believes that extraordinary change is possible. Clients consistently note the impact that Dr. Johnson has made on their personal and corporate leadership journeys. When he speaks, he conveys a contagious passion for elevating leaders and exponentially impacting the leadership culture of organizations.

He has challenged executives in companies such as McDonalds, US Steel, TransAmerica, Caterpillar, Houston Methodist at UT Health, JPMorgan Chase, and many others. Affectionately nicknamed the “GM Whisperer” within the NFL, he has inspired coaches, executives, and players for the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, Chicago Bears, as well as top collegiate athletic departments.

Dr. Fred is passionate about equipping leaders to create world class teams. He will lead you to a deeper ability to accelerate change, to kill drama, to drive results and to create leadership teams who love to come to work.

What Will Be Covered:
Learn how remarketing might be the missing link to doubling your advertising ROI
Learn what remarketing/retargeting is and how it can help you
Discover the benefits of having a solid follow-up strategy
Determine which remarketing tool would be a good fit

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Kyle Carpenter – Digital Marketing Strategist at Mid-West Family Madison

Topic: Remarketing 101 – Why Every Business Needs To Have A Follow-Up Strategy

Andy Bontz – Marketing Manager at Mid-West Family Madison

Topic: What Should You Be Doing? Sorting Through All The Remarketing and Retargeting Tools and Tactics

Learn How To Use Google Analytics To Track Your Marketing Wins And Losses: Increase the ROI of your advertising and reduce lazy ad dollars which means your business will make more money.
Discover The Four Goals Every Website Should Have: Learn what advertising strategies are working for your business and which ones aren’t so you can focus your time and energy on what is driving sales.
Create Your Custom Formula To Measure Your Marketing: Have the right metrics so you can build a systematic way to drive sales and grow your business.
Learn How To Measure Traditional And Online Advertising: Know if your ads are working so you can make better strategic marketing decisions.
Plus, Case Studies And Examples Of Businesses Just Like Yours That Are Seeing Results: See real results so you can feel confident that the time, energy, and money that you invest in your system will see a return.

Examples of three different types of business made key changes to drive sales and engage customers after being deemed non-essential.
Speaker 1: Markiewicz – Owner of Functional Integrated Training in Fitchburg, WI

Speaker 2: Matt Esquibell – Co-Owner of Signs By Caitlyn in Verona, WI

Speaker 3: Kendra Cooper – Owner of Cooper’s Alleyside and Cooper’s StrEATside in Springfield, IL
Designed for business leaders, owners, and management, this webinar will provide information and strategies to help you:
adapt to change and encourage new ideas to drive sales while social distancing is enforced.

Another Mid-West Family Dash Webinar!
Designed for business leaders, owners, and management, this webinar will provide information and strategies to help your business:
Engage your customers with a multi-channel video approach
Connect with your audience on an emotional level through the power of storytelling
Develop a new strategy for lead generation now that you have been given a gift of time

Speaker 1: Jessica Kramer – Attorney and Partner at Kramer, Elkins, and Watt, LLC
Topic: Replacing laid off employees or creating new positions – what can/can’t you do?

Speaker 2: Nikki Ryberg – Career Coach and CEO at Ryberg Group, LLC
Topic: Layoff strategies that keep up morale and help you sleep at night