Why Radio is a Bigger Factor in the 2016 Campaign

From the Radio Advertising Bureau, December 21, 2015:

Who is drawing the attention of political candidates as the medium to effectively deliver their campaign messages? Interestingly the answer is radio and not one of the trendy digital media. Quoting the latest reach and audience figures, media consultant Holland Cooke shared insights with Ed Schultz, of The Ed Show, as well as discussing radio’s ability to target and influence voters.

There is potential for a “radio air war,” stated Cooke, “not just on the presidential level but on all levels is a likelihood.” Cooke went on to explain that music as well as news talk stations excel at reaching voters. While formats cannot clearly define the party they reach, conservatives are more likely to tune into news talk formats than democrats. In addition, radio isn’t experiencing the “cord-cutting” that broadcast TV is experiencing. Consumers today have hundreds of video options, making it difficult to reach viewers and costly for campaigns. “One number that jumped out at me was that 100 million adults who do not watch local TV weekday news are reached by radio,” commented Schultz. “If I’m running a campaign, I’d want to see a state by state breakdown on that.” Schultz goes on to mention that the SuperPAC that supports Ted Cruz spent a substantial amount on radio ads in Iowa and now Cruz leads in Iowa. “If this is where the audience is, if this is where you get people’s attention, it’s going to be a big play for small market radio.”

Source: RAB, 2015. Link