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About Mid-West Family Broadcasting


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Mid-West Family Broadcasting is one of America’s oldest and most respected Broadcast Groups. The Group isn’t owned and operated by Wall Street.


The entrepreneurial spirit that drives our clients drives us. If they succeed, we succeed.  All decisions are made locally in order to appropriately address market changes, producing the best results for local business.


Mid-West Family Broadcasting is NOT just radio. We help clients be consistent with their brand promise through all platforms of delivery including digital, events, promotions, and social media.


In 1956 our founder, William E. Walker, never sought to own control of any station.  Instead associate with ”capable ambitious people who have been encouraged to acquire a stock interest, so we are always working together for a station’s welfare, knowing that when a station serves it’s community well, it is bound to profit accordingly.”


The whole of Mid-West Family is greater than the sum of its parts. We are focused on fostering relationships with our communities, our listeners, and our advertisers. In addition, we will grow people in each market with an eye toward potential market expansion in the future.


We are NOT cookie cutter, boring, bottom-line focused, remote corporate financed, media peddlers.  We believe if you do something to the best of your ability, others will be drawn to it.


Decisions affecting the company and the community should not be dictated from out of town.  Investing locally secures a future for generations to come.


Mid-West Family Broadcasting is not product driven, we are people driven.


Because of our local roots, Mid-West Family Broadcasting believes in supporting our local programming and giving back to the communities in which our employees, advertisers and listeners live, work and play.

For more information on additional Mid-West Family Broadcasting Markets, visit MidwestFamilyBroadcasting.com.




LaCrosse, Wisconsin

6 Stations


Madison, Wisconsin

6 Stations


Eau Claire, Wisconsin

6 Stations


Southwest Michigan

6 Stations


Springfield, Illinois

4 Stations


Rockford, Illinois

4 Stations


Springfield, Missouri

4 Stations


South Bend, Indiana

4 Stations


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